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Myth or Fact?

The Erogenous Earlobe

The first time a girl told me that wearing big earrings actually turned her on, I thought the concept was really cool, but honestly didn't think there was anything real behind it. A few years later, a second girl told me the same thing! Then one night, I was watching a show on acupuncture. The show featured a girl who had needles put in her ear to slow her cravings for food. Hummmm..  Maybe there was something to this? I mean, if putting needles in your ear could change your behavior, what the heck could putting a permanent hole in it do? The concept is that there are nerve endings throughout the body (including the ear), and when stimulated, they can change the way your body is working. So, what about sexual desire?
Picture credit- Acupuncture Textbook After a little research, I found several diagrams listing the nerve endings in the ear. Wow.. there are some key nerve groups that are right there in the lobe, right about where a lot of people pierce it! In the diagram, the "Master Sensorial" and "Master Cerebral" are right at the bull's eye! Other diagrams show key nerve groups controlling the limbonic and autonomic nervous systems ending there as well. 

Bull's Eye !

(Looks like she nailed it!)

Piercing is pretty much hit-or-miss, but I suspect that when the hole ends up in just the right spot, like next to one of these nerve groups, the light tugging and stretching caused by big earrings could indeed stimulate these nerves in just the right way as to add quite a bit to the sexual experience!  

So, next time you see a girl wearing big earrings, ask yourself, Is she wearing them to look sexy, or are they actually making her sexy?   Interesting thought!  

(Resurrected from the old 1999 site

JLG 9/15/99 (webmaster)
Make sure you read this page first. I have had lots of antidotal feedback about girls who say that having their boyfriend play with their earrings, or even just wearing big earrings turns them on. What do you think?

Ann K. 9/22/99 
Thank You! I thought I was going nuts or was misswired or something! Even as a teen, I always wore big hunking earrings. Everyone thought I was just doin the teen thing, but actually was having quite a bit of fun. Glad to know this is kind of normal. 

Tim D. 10/5/99
Any chance this works for guys too? If so, I might just get my ears pierced!

JLG 10/6/99 (webmaster)
I would suspect it would be the same for guys. 

Paula T. 10/20/99
So that's it! I luv big earrings, big hoops! Told my BF to play with them when we're together and I really do feel something, esp if he just kind of starts doing it out of the blue, it can really get me going!

Pam S. 11/5/99
Danger! I told my BF that and then one night when we were at it, he went too far and split my right ear in two! Left a rip in my left one too. The bed was a bloody mess and even tho my ears healed kind of ok, my lobes are num now. Be careful what you ask for :(

Jim H. 11/7/99
Ouch! Guess like everything else in life, moderation is the key! btw, it does work in males! I love it when my GF plays with my earring. I don't wear big earrings, but she does. I asked her but she says that they don't do anything for her. (then looked at me kind of odd.)

Ann K. 11/30/99
Since my original post, my BF and I have had a lot of fun with this one! It's probably just psychological, but the feelings have got really intense! I guess I let the genie out of the bottle!

JLG 12/17/99 (webmaster)
Go for it Ann! Anything that makes life more interesting can't be all bad. 

JLG 1/10/00  (webmaster)
Just got word that the host I am using is going out of business. With the hit rate being this low, I am not sure if I want to go through the trouble of setting the site up again. The galleries are really time consuming, but who knows..

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