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Girls who enjoy life and like to wear large hoop earrings and the guys that love them! 
This is a G rated site intended for fun!   (read)
Hoop earrings are the original earrings, it's where the term ear-ring comes from! They have always been an indicator that the wearer is a fun loving free spirit! Guys know this and that is why hoops have always been popular!  Right now we are in the middle or a resurgence of wearers! Does this mean people are happier? I think it's a good sign!  ;)

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This guy has put a lot of work into it, and it's great!


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This is a collection of pictures sent into the site of professional models and magazine clippings.  All are G rated.
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This includes visitor feedback on several interesting topics as well as my own thoughts. 
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Self Image
What does wearing hoops say about you?  How does wearing hoops effect the self image of the wearer?
  The Erogenous Earlobe
An old page from my 1999 site. Wow! What feedback I have gotten on this one!
Got an interesting story about wearing hoops? Want to read some? 
About Wearing Hoops
A look at the safety involved in wearing big hoops. Everyone wearing any type of pierced earrings should read this page. 
Who would you like to see in Hoops?
An ongoing wish list of the people we would like to see in hoops!

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